Inline B Team – How far they’ve come!

Nearly every player on the Inline B Team started this season without ever having played inline hockey. Some of the team had never roller skated before! Their 17-6 win last night against local beginner’s team, the Solent Geckos, was a true testament to how far the team, and the players, have come. The scoreline was fantastic, with the points being distributed across the team, top goal scorer was team captain Andrew Betts. But more impressive than the scoreline, was the quality displayed in every aspect of the game, the positioning, passing, receiving, stick handling and of course shooting.

It is quite possible that this years inline beginners/freshers have been the best the club has ever seen?! Many of the Inline B Team also play in the Ice C Team, which means they are able to train, and have been training, as much as 3-4 times a week! It is this dedication and commitment which has allowed them to progress at such speed.

inline b team