Contact Us!

If you are looking to study at Southampton University in September (or a nearby University in some cases) and would like to take up hockey, or continue playing, then get in touch with us!

If you’re already at the university and have decided you need some more excitement in your life, it’s not too late to start playing hockey. We have plenty of players who join us mid-way through their time at university.

Please select the person from the list below that is most suited to answering your enquiry…

Chairman/Treasurer/Ice A-Team Manager: Simon Gifford

Please contact Simon Gifford with any outside official club enquiries or for information on the Ice A team. The Ice A team is for very experienced hockey players, it is currently the best university team in the country!

Inline Hockey Management: Alex Chaney and Bradley Wallis

Please contact Alex Chaney and Bradley Wallis with any matters pertaining to inline hockey. There are two inline hockey teams, an A Team for experienced hockey players, and a B Team for players who come to university having never played hockey before. Whatever your experience, get in contact with Alex and Bradley if you’re interested in playing.

Ice B-Team Manager: Alex Chaney

The Ice B Team is usually for players who come to the university having played some hockey before, or for players who started hockey at university but have now progressed to this level after one or two years in the C team. Contact James Fryer for all Ice B team enquiries.

Ice C-Team Manager: Lizzie Bielicki

The Ice C Team is for players who join having never played hockey, or perhaps not even skated before. If you join the Ice C Team you will receive everything you need to get you to the position where you are playing competitive matches in no time at all.

Social Secretaries: Helen Atkinson-Clow and Oliver Heilmann

As social secretaries Helen and Alex organise all the club’s awesome social events. Get in contact with Helen and Alex if you have any questions about the social aspect of the club.